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One thing I’ve noticed people always struggle to get right is the placement of Aang’s tattoos.  I’ve seen mistakes in both fanart and cosplay, so I thought I’d create this handy reference sheet for everyone to use.  Don’t forget that scar if you illustrate him as an adult!  I hope you find it useful!


Korra: I know you.

Iroh: I was good friends with Avatar Aang.

Korra: Iroh.

Iroh: Hello, Korra. 


Someone wrote me it was also Kataang ship week, and I thought that would be good to draw them *A*

Later I found out there were specific themes for each day and Day 1 was apparently ‘Hands’ so I am not sure if I it fit or not because I already drew them like this by that time but whatever

also not sure how do colours work, but pretty sure not this way.__.

~secreetttt tunneeeeeeelllllllllllll~


I WANT TO SEE KORRA CHANNEL AANG’S POWER like in the one episode in ATLA where Aang goes to Roku’s place on the summer solstice and Roku’s like “stand back bitches, i got this…”