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The fuckin first one is my life exactly

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this song is cute and tyler has a very broad imagination. I love it.

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When I was in college, I had a blog called Salty Sea Hag, where I did political humor from the point of view of a sea witch living on the bottom of the ocean. “


"its a metaphor, you see—you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you dont give it the power to do its killing"




June 7th, 1942: Edward Hopper completes his best known painting, the seminal Nighthawks. When asked by a Chicago Tribute reporter about the philosophical meaning behind the diner having no clearly visible exits Hopper responded, “Shit. Fuck. I did it again. Goddamnit. Fuck. Not again. I did it again. Shit.” and slammed his hat on his leg.

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I fucking laughed so hard at this all artists are hilarious


ok but consider this

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December 26, 1908: Jack Johnson defeats Tommy Burns by KO in round 14 and becomes the first black man to win the world heavyweight title.

 "If the black man wins, thousands and thousands of his ignorant brothers will misinterpret his victory as justifying claims to much more than mere physical equality with their white neighbors." - The New York Times, 1910.

"Defeats" is an understatement. He DESTROYED Tommy. The fact that he let tommy stick around that long was a testament to how bad he wanted to embarrass Tommy. It was so bad the police had to stop the fight.

Even after this victory, The racial hatred for Jack amongst whites of the time was so heavy that they didn’t accept Jack as champ even though he defeated the world champ. So long as retired World Champ, JAMES JEFFRIES was alive at least. This lead to the invention of the "Great White Hope"; a search by white media/boxing promoters for a white boxer to defeat Jack johnson, reclaiming white supremacy. After chasing jefferies through print media and being denied a shot at the title to prove he’s the real champ ( It was forbidden at the time for black boxers to fight for the heavyweight title against whites), outside millionaire promoters finally offered Jeffries an unheard amount of money at the time, $120,000 (about 2mil in 2013 cash) to come out of retirement to silence jackson once and for all. The fight between Jack Johnson and James Jefferies was labeled "The Fight of the Century." 

Johnson finally got his shot & made a mockery of Jefferies; Toying, Destroying and exposing him. The fight got so bad the refs threw the towel and the broadcasters stopped the recording of the fight just before Jeffries went down to avoid further embarrassment, so many never got to see Jeffries hit the pavement. Jack Johnson, now the true pound-for-pound champ and the first African American heavyweight champ’s sound victory lead to one of the most historic race riots in american history. The riots- largely due to the outpouring of jubilant, african americans celebrating- turned ugly and lead to over 25 (recorded) deaths and hundreds of injuries in 25 states and 50 cities…mostly lynchings and murders on the hands of angry, white citizens who were perturbed by the nation-wide celebration. 

People say a lot about Ali and Joe Luis as greats, and they are no doubt our heroes, but boxing history likes to ignore ole Jack; The first mega black celebrity who rode (and crashed regularly) the best, fancy sports cars, wore the best tailored suits, was rich beyond belief, talked flippantly towards whites and openly courted white women (the original sin). This was Jim Crowe America, less than 50 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. The original “American Boogeyman” and his legacy I believe is still felt today when it comes to rich, african-american celebrities and how they should be perceived in the media. 

I always felt like Jack was the precursor to Joe Luis and later Muhammad Ali. After all, no black fighter was ever allowed to contend for the heavyweight title after Johnson was ostracized by America and lost the title, for 40 years…until a quiet boy named the Brown Bomber came along. :-) I’d love to see an honest movie on this guy. 






also goals

who this

That is one majestic ass man.


michael poliza in churchill manitoba, who noted “the polar bear was all by himself as they are very solitary animals anyway. but this one looked particularly sad as it wandered around, almost as though it didn’t understand where the snow had gone.” (more polar bear photos)


What if in 10 years stand up comedy is just some guy on stage with a laptop and a projector typing text posts and instead of laughing the audience just half smiles and blows air out of their nose really hard